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Custom Seat Covers, Slipcovers and Replacement Kits
Autocraft Interiors by LeBaron Bonney Company maintains over 7000 automotive patterns. Patterns ranging from 1928 to current production models. Presently we manufacture Antique & Classic interiors in Custom Seatcover or Hot Rod styles. Replacement Leather, Vinyl or Velours covers for many popular late-model vehicles. Slip-on seatcovers in many different styles.

Our goal since we began is to make only first quality products, as close to original as possible and at reasonable prices . . . with a total commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Our customers throughout the world include everyone from the casual restorer to and including the professional and competition minded auto enthusiast.

AutoCraft Interiors by LeBaron Bonney Company is located in Amesbury, MA.
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  • Serving antique and custom restoration enthusiasts worldwide
  • Celebrating fifty years of excellence
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